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How can I change my vehicle type?

If you’d like to start working using a different type of vehicle, please fill out this form. You can currently use a bicycle, electric bicycle, scooter/moped, electric moped or a car to deliver orders.

Stand-up electric scooters (escooters) cannot legally be used on public roads or pavements, and so cannot be used to complete deliveries.

Once you've filled out the form we'll get back to you within a few days with more information.

If you want to switch from a bicycle to a motorised scooter or car, you’ll need:

  1. Food delivery insurance.
  2. Provisional Driving Licence with CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) Certificate or full Driving Licence valid for your type of motorcycle.
  3. Insulated backpack or box with a large thermal bag.

Request to change your vehicle with this link

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