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How do I get a Rider Information Pack?

Deliveroo doesn't offer employment references to rider as they are self employed. However, we can provide an information pack - these can be used if you're seeking other employment, renting or buying property, and any other instances where you need proof of work or earnings.

Rider Information Packs contain:

  • Confirmation of your status as an independent contractor
  • Confirmation of the date on which your began providing services to Deliveroo
  • A summary of your total earnings while providing services to Deliveroo (if specifically requested)

We do not provide character reference information. For example, we don't confirm that someone is a ‘good’, ‘bad’ or ‘reliable’ worker. The Rider Information Pack is only to confirm that this person has worked with us.

To get your Rider Information Pack, contact us via the link below.

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