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How do I scan the order receipt?

When collecting an order, tap ‘Scan to collect order’ in the rider app. Hold your phone to scan the order number of the receipt attached to the order bag. When the order receipt matches your order, the rider app will automatically verify it so you can mark it as collected. You’ll need to do this for each order you collect, including stacked orders.

If you’re having trouble scanning the receipt, for example if it’s damaged or missing, you can take a photo of the receipt instead. Some orders like grocery or shopping orders won’t have a printed receipt. For these orders, scan the handwritten order number on the bag, or if that doesn’t work, take a photo of the order number. You’ll need to allow camera permissions in your device settings.

Once you’ve collected the order and scanned the receipt, you can tap ‘Go to customer’ and complete the order as usual.

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