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Why do I have to wait between orders?

Customer demand varies from time to time, and from area to area For the best experience, remember to ride with us during our busiest times - that's 6-9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Your map on the app will also show you how busy it is in your area. The hexagons on the screen show areas where we're getting orders - the stronger the hexagon colour the more orders available in this area.

When your heatmap says it’s busy, new orders are regularly being made at restaurants in that area and more riders are needed to deliver them. When it says moderate, you can expect orders soon, but there may be a bit of time in-between. When it says it’s not busy, orders have slowed down and there’s enough riders already online in your area. So you can decide whether to explore another area or check again later.

Your heatmap updates every 5 minutes to show you demand in your area right now.

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